I am so excited about my new website!  Despite the delay in getting licensed here in California I push on crafting what I want this new career to look like.  Sometimes (like now) I get on FIRE about a new blog post, a new article, a new class and I need to check myself a bit.  I do practice mindfulness daily, often by using "informal" practice.  Karen Kissel Wegela, Ph.D. describes "informal" practice this way:

1. Paying attention to the moment-to-moment details of experience
2. Paying particular attention to the body and one's experience of it
3. Recognizing the experience of mind and not getting caught in memories of the past or plans for the future
4. Trying neither too much nor too little
5. Letting go of distractions and paying attention to the present moment
6. Noticing one's experience without judging it

So today I will be kind to the drive that says "this is SO important" and I am about to take a break.  I will hear the cat snoring, the kids playing and notice my chest is tight with the anticipation of what people will think of this blog?!  And yes, there is a play date happening at my house right now so it's time to go be a present mom, a free from her computer mom but we all must juggle, balance, and craft these things the way we can.  Today I am super grateful for the opportunity to share new classes, groups, talks, and this site.  Keep coming back there will be more soon.