I read several blogs.  I love and many of the parenting blogs I reference on the resource page of my site (  There is another new therapist blog I love, Kelly Higdon @  I mean she offers a free book!  Go get it!  Additionally, I am sure I click through to an article a day or more on the Huffington Post.  There is an endless array of amazing things to read so I think…should I add to the feed?  I guess you see my answer.  Here I am, adding to the feed, wondering who will read this and trying to figure out "feedburner" after it’s posted.  

I find writing to be therapeutic.  Journaling is a constant homework assignment of therapists.  I believe it's because each of our stories matter and we therapists want you to believe that yours story does indeed matter.  In many ways this will be the refinement of my journal, the gathering together of my professional inner world.  If you work with me you may sense and hear about some of it, but because we focus on may not get as much as I would like you to know.  Here it is, the things that keep me going, inspire me, and make me wonder why were are all here spinning around, deep stuff.

This is my challenge to all of us; read, write and heal.  It sounds simple but it's not.  Looking at what comes out where we write is sometimes challenging.  Often client’s say to me, this is not easy or I feel stuck and unable to change.  I try to validate those experiences as much as is possible, but the exciting part is that everything is always changing and a lot of the healing happens without it smacking us on the head.  Self-development, this growing up we are trying to do is not easy.  When you are young and the conditions are "good enough" the growing happens.  However, the growing does not always happen in a way that leaves us walking around making the best choices for ourselves.  If you find yourself in that spot maybe it's time to reach out?  Maybe it's to me or to one of the many amazing people I know who offer therapy.  Call me and I will help you find your way.  Or perhaps it’s a “simple” reaching out to your self; start a journal, write a blog, everyone’s doing it.