We have five months left of this year! What?! I know I want to milk every ounce of fun and meaning out of 2019. My big trip this year was back to New York City and a visit to Georgia. Quite a cool mirror of the different regions where I have lived my life (north/south). I hope you get some time off this summer too! Here's what I have been thinking in part; how will I grow my business and how can I truly embody this full-time private practice life. I am thinking more about writing. There is a part of me that really wishes I could be a writer. A room of her own and such. Maybe it's listening to Elizabeth Gilbert and seeing her speak earlier this year. She is so dang composed and well-spoken AND

she writes for a living. Could I do that? Could I turn these blogs into something helpful? We shall see but for now, here is a start; a little story from your colleague/therapist/future therapist. I graduated from college with a degree in theatre, education and no job. College had been a deep time of self-exploration. I went to work at a bar in my small home town. It was clear to me quickly that I needed to figure out the next step sooner rather than later. When the call came to see if I wanted to share a house with two guys I knew and one I did not, far away in New York City I jumped. My parents are pretty cool after all! They did not have to support that decision and the fact that they did is pretty amazing thinking back on that all these years later. It was a dream come true to live in New York, Brooklyn specifically! I worked hard, took acting classes and performed in a few plays. The most important thing I learned is that I am independent and/but I have always had help, always. I have the privilege of growing up in a safe town, with enough food, enough to eat, a loving family. I struggled in school growing up, I struggled to write and I struggled to communicate and still, I found my path. I wrote my first monologue. Then I wrote a short one-woman show and I went on to perform with a dance theatre troop. I would never trade the things I got to do for any other path.

My daughter asked me recently what is one mistake that I would change. Honestly, I could not land on one. I wish I would not have hurt people that I have hurt (inadvertently). I wish I would have stood up for folks that were discriminated against where I grew up. When it gets down to the end of the moments, in taking the inventory, there is not one choice that I regret fully enough to change. Why do I share this "accept everything happens for a reason" message today? I truly think my own therapy has helped me come to terms with this belief and hold onto this truth (most days). Therapy still IS helping me come to terms with this fact of life. Every mistake, every moment is an opportunity to learn. When you come to therapy with me you will see that I tackle your problems with the same philosophy with which I tackle my own life. I believe we are here to learn, to be in relationships. I believe we have inherent good in us. Though I did not end up being an actor, I can help you process emotions, which is the deep work actors engage in. I hope you will reach out if you need a group, a day-long workshop at your office, or a therapy session for you or someone in your counseling practice. I don't see couples so if you have folks who need that extra support in addition to couples therapy let me know. I really enjoy helping people in transition. I can also support folks with parenting. Check out my last blog about expressive arts. I am available for sessions in my home office on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. I am in the office Tuesday AM, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's. Let's find some time to connect/reconnect.

Thanks for reading.